Information on the latest changes in I|A|F|A S.A. as a result of its integration into the MainFirst Group

We wish to inform you of the latest changes to our company. Integration into the MainFirst Group represents a major structural realignment. This is also reflected in the name.

As of 7 May 2015, I|A|F|A S.A. was renamed MainFirst Affiliated Fund Managers S.A.
Moreover, the Board of Directors has changed The Board of Directors of our company now comprises: Dr Andreas Haindl, Mr Oliver Haseley (Chairman) and Mr Bjoern Kirchner.

We also announce that Mr Bjoern Kogler, until now Head of Operations at MainFirst Bank AG, has been appointed to the management of our company. Mr Bjoern Kogler assumes responsibility for the business segments Risk Management, Asset Management Controlling, Fund Operations/Administration, and Finances and IT.

The personal and strategic integration has been carried out with great care and in the full conviction that this will ensure and increase the quality of our service and enable us to open up new areas of business.

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